The Wardrobe Audit

We spend 3 whole hours in your clothes cupboard, having a complete and utter sort out.

Ahh ... this is where all the clutter is reorganised, what doesn't work is put aside and a capsule is formed out of what is left, and ... that uniquely suits 'you'.

This consultation is for discerning women who want to truly change or enhance their image - this is where your brain sees you in a new light ... where you have been and who you can become.

Enhancelife Lady WardrobeExpect a powerful session - not for the faint-hearted!

    • Sort through your wardrobe with new eyes
    • Identify how you have been buying/your purchasing trend
    • Find garments that work with your colours and style
    • Identify gaps
    • Make a transition wardrobe
    • Plan to fill in gaps
    • Plan a new capsule


I found Esther’s help with revitialising my wardrobe to be invaluable. I now feel I have the clothes to make me feel I am looking my best. Su, 2013

I am still amazed at the number of 'looks' we created and wonder why I had not thought of them before! A three-quarter sleeved summer jacket, that I had previously bought became a very versatile winter jacket and shell necklaces became key pieces in my winter wardrobe, to name a couple of the changes. In the end we really only needed to shop for accessories eg. scarves and belts. With all the new 'looks' we created, I feel that I have doubled the size of my wardrobe.
Kaye Young, June 2009

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