Shopping Expedition

Have you lost your confidence in shopping for garments that are right for 'you'? Would you like a selection of garments that all work together  and express the 'look' that you want and feel good in? Then this is for YOU!

Enhancelife shopping ladyWe choose outlets that work with you personal style and budget.

We choose garments that can revitalise your current wardrobe.

Or, we choose 8 - 10 garments that form a 'capsule' wardrobe - it all works together.

The result, ‘you’ and your clothing are in ‘sinct’. ‘You’ are expressed through your style, both personally and professionally.

This trip gives you the tools to make the best decisions for what you want to achieve.

Looking great doesn’t have to cost the earth and shopping becomes a more pleasurable experience.

This is an exciting stage of the process of ‘stepping up and into’ your new look. A ‘look’ that is uniquely yours, and one that communicates to others the message you really want them to get. A 'look' that is 'YOU'!

No more expensive mistakes!

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I contacted Esther straight after a post-50 birthday went by virtually unnoticed by my family. I decided that I was going to become a bit more visible. The plan has worked. Everyone, not just my family is noticing the changes. The morning we went shopping, I felt really challenged and interestingly, also really emotional. I think what we choose to wear is probably very much bound up with who we think we are. I entered a shop with Esther that I would never have entered on my own in a million years, feeling rigid with resistance, and yet with Esther's magic and expert guidance I emerged with my new capsule! Who would ever have imagined that a pair of 7/8 length pants would ever be part of my new 'look' - certainly not me! I am delighted with the results. I feel I have really got value for money from the whole experience. I'm just sorry I didn't do it sooner.
 Debbie D August 2009