A colour analysis works out what colours suit you the best, and how to put these colours together in your casual wear and moving through to a more dressy look. This is essential for any man, whether you want to have a casual or dressy style. Knowing what colours to look for when choosing a shirt, jersey, trousers or suit, is baseline knowledge for any man. Therefore, it is an important first step in developing style for YOU!

Enhancelife corporate ladyStyle

The main focus for a men’s style analysis is to work out the sorts of clothes that will balance your particular body shape.

  • This involves working out whether you are short legged or long legged.
  • And whether you are more rectangle, T-shaped, triangle shaped or trapezoid.
  • Once you understand your shape you can choose garments that visually balance you
  • And minimise your figure challenges.

You will receive your own personal 30-page computer-analysed style portfolio Plus, Shopping guide of 100 pages, with colour illustrations/pictures right for ‘you’. Includes glasses, shoes, accessories, hats, swimwear, jackets, suits, trousers – THE LOT!