AccessoriesHere's where the bits 'n' pieces that you add to your 'look' can make or break the overall impression you wish to make. Accessorising has some key concepts that you can replicate over and over again to give you a stylish appearance.

1. Discover your body shape
2. Understand your accessory scale
2. Know your current dress personality
3. Find your style direction
4. Accessorise according to a style 'theme'

Working with the above aspects gives clear direction on which accessories to purchase and how to put them together in a way that will 'turn heads'.


Face shape, eye shape, personal colours as well as your dress personality and style direction all underpin the choice of a pair of glasses that you will enjoy and love to wear. Take Esther shopping with you for glasses, or bring your options to her consultation suite. Together you can select the best option for you.

Hair style and hair colour also acts as an accessory to your 'look'.

Not sure what hair style or colour/s to add to revitalise your hair and refresh your 'look'. Esther can help.
We work with your colourway, faceshape and the greying process (help!) to give you a 'look' that is youthful, vibrant and works with your hair type.

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