A Personal Colour Analysis determines the colours that suit 'you'.

You will receive a ’seasonal’ analysis (Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring) and also a ‘flow’ analysis (Deep, Cool, Clear, Soft, Warm, Light). Hence, one of 12 options - an extension of the seasonal analysis.

Based on the reflective properties of light and how colour, its depth and texture work together. We give you an ‘in-sinct’ look that illuminates your eyes, hair, and skin colour.

Personal Colour Analysis  - 1 ¼ hr
includes Colour Swatch and Handbook

    • Colour depths, hues, contrast and radiance levels
    • Your core colours·
    • Enhancelife swatchYour personal ‘best’ colours·
    • Your colour intensifiers and enhancers·                                                             
    • Fabric surfaces and patterns that suit ‘you’·
    • Jewellery/metals that suit ‘you’·
    • Options for glasses colours·
    • How to put colour together in your wardrobe·
    • Hair colour options·

Now you can confidently purchase garments in colours that suit 'you' and that work well together. No more disappointments! No more expensive mistakes!

Group bookings available!

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